Our Online CIRCuiTS Training Course is the first stage in training to be a CIRCuiTS therapist.


The course provides you with a foundation understanding of the background, theory and evidence surrounding Cognitive Remediation Therapy (CRT) and develops your practical skills in using CIRCuiTS, our computerised CRT program. The course aims to give you the knowledge and skills necessary to start delivering CIRCuiTS and an understanding of how you might do this within your service.


All therapists wishing to use CIRCuiTS with clients must have received this online training (or similar training from a CIRCuiTS-approved trainer). Obtaining access to the training is therefore essential for those new to CIRCuiTS, whether or not their organisation is also purchasing a license separately. Trainees must also have ongoing, regular supervision with an experienced CRT therapist as soon as they start working with CIRCuiTS clients.

Access to our Online Training Package is provided per person, and includes:


  • Remote access to the online training portal from any country

  • 11 training modules (1-2 hours each) covering topics such as metacognition, formulation, goal-setting, and therapist skills

  • Exciting media and interactive exercises, including case study videos, quizzes and guided practice with a test client in CIRCuiTS itself

  • 3 months' free access to CIRCuiTS while you complete the training

  • One-off supervision and support

  • A certificate on completion

  • Access to our Members Forum, where trainees share ideas and support each other

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Training Costs 2021


Online training package fee (per person):


DISCOUNT: Book 6 training places for the price of 4.

Please note that our online training is currently only available in UK English.

All fees are subject to review and to added VAT where applicable.

How to Obtain Access to the Online Training


Contact us, stating that you are looking to access our Online Training. Please include the following information in full:

1. Full name, email address, phone number and profession of trainee(s)

2. Short description of reasons for accessing the training

3. Supervision arrangements